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Launching (into the) ASX DataSphere
Helping businesses enhance the value of their datasets, analytics models and product ideas

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We’re over the moon to have partnered with ASX on the marketing launch of their new data science platform, ASX DataSphere. 

ASX DataSphere is a transformative new way for the Australian financial markets industry and its participants to securely and confidently access, curate, collaborate and build new insights on financial markets data. To explore analytics-ready data and insights from ASX and the platform’s growing community of data partners. To boldly go where their data capabilities have never gone before.

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Even for the most established business, creating an in-house data analytics capability requires huge investment and presents a number of challenges. Furthermore, sharing data and insights with other businesses can be fraught with risk and governance considerations. With DataSphere, it’s possible for businesses to begin to cost effectively embrace and scale their data capability over time.

ASX has done the rocket science for them. 

Financial market participants now have secure access to datasets and analytics tools, commercial opportunity, and beyond. From data onboarding and curation, to product development and distribution, DataSphere can help businesses enhance the value of their datasets, analytics models and product ideas.

Folk helped ASX shape the customer value proposition, name the platform, explain how the ecosystem works and finally, develop the campaign creative to launch the platform in market.

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