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Deloitte Access Economics for the ASX

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Bi-annually, the ASX, in partnership with Deloitte Access Economics, release a report on the profile of Australian Investors. The 2017 report is based on an online survey of 4,000 individuals.

ASX asked Folk to turn key information from the report into an animated infographic. 

Showcased on the ASX website, the scrolling page needed to highlight important stats in digestible, bite‑size pieces, and be kept interesting and in line with the theme of the report.

The four identified groups of the report – Next Generation, Wealth Accumulators, Retirees, and Non-investors – and their investment behaviours, were illustrated and animated to present the stats themselves. 

We also got to design a robot. 

The infographic featured at the launch of the study, broken down into slides for internal presentations, as well as showcased on the ASX website.

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