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Easy Agile is a software development company offering unique online productivity tools for teams using Atlassian software. 

Put more simply, they enhance what’s already in use. 

Founders Nicholas Muldoon and Dave Elkan are Atlassian Alumni with 10+ years combined first-hand experience and knowledge of the Atlassian ecosystem. After discussing ideas with Atlassian co‑founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, Nicholas and Dave launched their new business, Areja, under the Atlassian family umbrella.                    

In early 2017, Nicholas and Dave started working with Folk, and their company name changed to spell out what their products are all about - Areja became Easy Agile. Folk developed a flexible identity that has room to grow at the same pace as the business. Since its inception in 2015 (as Arijea), Easy Agile has assembled an impressive portfolio of more than 570 (and growing) clients from around the world including Twitter, Daimler, BMW, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco, Deloitte and Bosch.

The logo – and key graphic – signals how easy it is to be agile: an ‘a’ rotates 180° to become an ‘e’. Resourceful, easy, agile. Language, colour and layout are kept punchy and pop to support the bold and simple idea. 

Clever products for cleverer software development teams – Easy Agile does it.

You can read more about the Easy Agile story here

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