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Speek up!
Encouraging 'geeks' to speak

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What Readify don’t know about software technology is not worth knowing. They know what they are talking about. However… 

They’d stopped talking about it. Publicly, at least.

Readify wanted to take centre-stage again in the software tech community and share their knowledge. To lead the conversation, in the same way they lead software innovation.

Speek Up! is an internal initiative: to encourage, and ultimately build, a network of knowledgeable, enthusiastic leaders in the tech community.

The initiative needed to engage the Readify mega-brain-culture. That is… it had to talk to them, and encourage them to get out there and share their knowledge.

The name, messaging and identity had to get noticed and inspire, without being to lofty or elitist.

The name and tagline tap into geek-pride and it’s clear what the initiative is about.

We also created a raft of punny (if not quite funny) headlines, to be used (and collected) on stickers and apparel. (They laughed.)

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