Folk stars in Channel (K)9’s pet project
21 June was Bring Your Dog to Work Day around the world.

01 HEADER Channel9pets

At Folk, it was just Friday.

Our flurry of furry Folksters had their 15 minutes of fame (read, 3 minutes, 21 seconds) when the crew at Channel 9 paid us a visit to help celebrate the unofficial pet-friendly holiday.


Turns out we’re one of the top pet-friendly workplaces in Australia. Woof.

The result of all this adorable playing, scratching, sniffing and attention seeking (but enough about the designers): less stress and drama, more workplace karma.

Happier pups. Happier us. Happier clients.

As Michael our Managing Director put it, “amid the hustle and bustle of the modern workplace, furry critters can remind us the world isn’t such a dramatic place”.

Which is paw-some. (Oh, come on.)