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Geelong Head to Health opens
Congratulations to Neami National on the opening of their 5th Head to Health Centre

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Neami National, a leading not-for-profit organisation that provides mental health, homelessness and suicide prevention services, opened their Geelong Head to Health Centre today.

Building on the brand research, strategy and identity work that Folk completed on the Head to Health mental health centre branding, we’ve been working with the good people at Neami National to localise and roll out the Head to Health brand across the country.

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So far Neami National have successfully launched Head to Health centres in Townsville, Darwin, Penrith and Adelaide. Geelong is the latest location that is purpose-built and has implemented the Folk established wayfinding system and localised environmental graphics. This ensures consistency in the application of the Head to Health brand and supports the service delivery within the space, helping them deliver an engaging, clear and memorable experience to all people visiting each centre. 

You can read more about Neami National here and Head to Health services here

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Written by:
Gui de Andrade,
Design Director