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McGrathNicol are big for…
New undergraduate campaign catches the ear, eye and ambition of the brightest candidates

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At briefing, of the many things we learnt, two truths became key.

1. Perhaps understandably, ambitious grads – or grads’ ambitions – gravitate towards the pull of the “big four” firms. Whether to benefit from the experience or the name on the CV, or both, the big four will dominate their thoughts-for-the-future.

2. McGrathNicol, and its undergraduate program, has a demonstrable track record of greatness. Consistently delivering achievements and growth for clients, the firm and team members – of every level. Including its grads.

The campaign put this two-and-two together to create, well, “for…”.

To reach and engage the audience – ie, the broadest range of the brightest undergraduate students – the solution concisely tapped-in to these two truths.

You’re thinking… “big four”.

McGrathNicol is huge for… the benefits to launch your career.

The verbal mnemonic written – the visual played further to the idea of big-ness: the big headline style; and the big space offered at McGrathNicol every grad has the opportunity to enjoy and grow into.

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McGrathNicol is a leading Advisory and Restructuring firm, helping companies improve performance or restore stability. With a focus on empowered performance, the firm launched the new undergraduate campaign in January 2023, aimed at attracting the right kind of talent to help drive meaningful change in their industry.

The goal of the campaign is to increase diversity across disciplines. McGrathNicol recognises that different perspectives and skillsets are essential to delivering effective solutions for their clients. By attracting a wide range of undergraduate students, the firm hopes to build a team that is well-equipped to handle the challenges of their industry.

Since campaign launch, McGrathNicol has already seen an increase in applicants. The firm’s commitment to empowered performance has struck a chord with undergraduate students who are looking for a meaningful career that makes a difference.

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Written by:
Graham Barton,
Creative Director