Our Graham talks at the ICON Conference
Searching for the surprisingly obvious

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ICON – formerly ‘APSMA’ (Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association) – is a community network of B2B professionals, with more than 2000 members across the Asia Pacific. 

We’re delighted to announce that Graham Barton, Folk’s creative director, has been invited to speak at ICON’s [i+U+WE] CONNECT 2017 Conference. 

ICON’s approach is Connected Thinking – which is exactly what Graham’s talk-cum-workshop will talk to. 

Ultimately, ideas are about making connections, following lots of thinking. Graham will explore where ideas come from, how to judge them, and why they matter. While also seeking to debunk the myth that only ‘creatives’ can think of them. 

Graham will be cramming all this in between 12:20 and 1:00pm, on Friday 20 October. 

We’d like to wish Graham – and all his fellow speakers and attendees – an enjoyable and successful conference.

More info on ICON's Connect 2017 Conference can be seen here.