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Thought for food
A campaign to help fight food waste

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We were delighted to be invited to help the remarkable OzHarvest.

A campaign message and identity was needed in the wake of Dan Goldberg’s “Food Fighter” documentary on OzHarvest founder, Ronni Kahn. On seeing the film, what might people do next? A clear call-to-action, related to, and distinct from, the OzHarvest identity.

Wasting food is something of a hidden ‘crime’. We do it at home. Nobody sees us do it. It pervades. Swept under the bin lid. 

We wanted to bring home the ‘ugly truth’ of it: wasted, rotten food. Face it. Make it visible. Stop the behaviour that leads to it.

Building on the documentary’s title “Food Fighter”, ‘Fight Food Waste’ became the obvious Phase 1 message of the campaign.

‘Stop the rot!’ is the more surprisingly obvious proposed Phase 2 message, underpinned by the ‘Fight Food Waste’ sign-off.

We continued playing with our food-related language to create a pantry full of support messages to further catch the ear and eye.  

Please, feel free to join in.

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