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Poster’d: 2017
A self-initiated project by Folk

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Poster’d is an annual, internal project we set ourselves at the end of 2015. 
• design a poster of each month’s most notable event/s.
• keep it surprisingly obvious.

The whole studio contributes. 

We nominate a topic. It has to be ‘first-three-pages-of-the-Telegraph’ news. Depending on the month, the topic can be light-hearted or heart-breaking. 

Once agreed upon, we then spend some time attempting to create a poster that looks like it took no time at all. Simultaneously, both surprising and obvious. At least, that’s the challenge. And a great one. We love it.

The posters recall the year passed. We hope you remember them well.

You can see all the 2017 posters here.

2016’s Poster’d can be seen here.