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Resilience and brilliance
How is well-being and performance connected at your organisation? Introducing the Oranges Toolkit


The volume of coverage surrounding the state of Australia’s mental health seems to suggest two things: that we are facing a stress and burnout epidemic and, we deeply want to change the way we work and live.

With this in mind, organisations are beginning to ask themselves: how are well-being and performance connected?

To ask this question takes a step beyond promoting a place where mental health has no stigma and conditions are amiable for talking about it. These are important goals to strive for, but only get you to a baseline of prevention.

I only understand the difference, having worked recently with an organisation called The Oranges Toolkit.

Born out of Camp Quality, where volunteers and employees were burning out from the impact of supporting people through their trauma, the Oranges Toolkit developed a program to train and build mental resilience: Optimism, Resilience, Attitude, Now, Gratitude, Emotions, Strengths, (ORANGES).

The program was highly successful, and they realised its applicability to any community or organisation.

Connecting well-being and -doing therefore is really about behaviour change. Instead of thinking about implementing a new set of agile tools and systems, think first about supporting people to adapt with constant change. When people go through this kind of training, they tend to be more positive, more collaborative, more adaptable, more engaged. The job of introducing new tools and systems will likely have a much better chance of uptake and success in that kind of environment.

We all face constant change, uncertainty and volatility and having a toolkit to help people adapt positively is a refreshing, fascinating, but seemingly obvious idea.

Find out more about Oranges Toolkit programs for you or your organisation here

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