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Solar battery systems
An online tool that helps homeowners in NSW to add up the benefits

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Installing solar panels is now seen as one of the most simple and practical ways of contributing to a sustainable future, however understanding the financial benefits in having the right solar battery system can be complicated.

Folk worked with the NSW Government and our tech partner Morpht, to design a solar battery calculator for the Empowering Homes solar battery loan offer, launched earlier this year. The offer gives eligible homeowners in the Hunter region interest free loans to install solar battery systems.
The online tool helps customers understand if their household might financially benefit from investing in a solar battery system before applying for a loan. 

Customers input a few details around their energy usage and in under 5 minutes they receive results that indicate the possible financial value, estimated sizing of a solar battery system and which approved suppliers to contact to have their eligibility assessed for the offer.  

In addition to the environmental benefits, having the right solar battery system can help households to harness their own power and reduce their energy bills. 

Designing with homeowners 

Folk took a human-centred approach to the design, mapping the typical decision-making process for someone interested in solar and batteries for their home. This helped to better understand the real needs of users, and how the solar battery calculator can support them.  

Through research and design sprints, Folk rapidly prototyped several ways the calculator might work and tested them with people interested in investing in solar power and batteries. The main finding was the importance of showing the benefit as clearly as possible and helping people to make their next big decision: whether to contact a supplier and apply for the loan. 

Pilot offer for Hunter region households 

The Empowering Homes program is initially running as a pilot for homeowners in eligible postcodes in the Hunter region. The pilot will run for up to 12 months to refine its design before rolling out across the state.  

The solar battery calculator was launched in June this year to complement the pilot. However, all households in NSW can benefit from using the calculator to understand if a solar battery system might be right for them. 

Want to know more? 

If you want to know more about the Empowering Homes solar battery loan offer, or the solar battery calculator, visit the Energy Saver website.   

The website provides a range of resources to help customers make an informed choice about whether solar and battery systems are right for them. NSW households and businesses can also access information and offers to help them save energy and money.  

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