Sydney WorldPride 2023
Standing with our First Nations and LGBTIQ+ communities

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Sydney WorldPride is here!

It’s been very exciting for us at Folk to watch the WorldPride event come to Sydney. Whilst working at Sydney WorldPride, one of our designers Andy Hearne worked alongside Nungala Creative and Joel De Sa to create the visual identity for this iconic event.

It showcases the richness and culture of Australia’s LGBTIQ+ and First Nations communities using artwork made by First Nations artist Jessica Johnson at Nungala Creative.

Nungala Creative is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated creative agency that led and created the vibrant illustrations and typography used in the visual identity. The illustrations show reflections in water, tracks and tree bark, and the colour palette references a Rainbow gum tree.

Check out the work of Nungala Creative here.

Check out Joel De Sá’s work here.

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LGBTIQ+ rights in the APAC region

Asia Pacific is like no other region in the world. It’s home to nearly 4.5 billion people that speak 2,300 languages. Its population is roughly 6x of Europe and 15x of the United States. However, the vast majority of LGBTQI+ communities within this region are denied fundamental human rights.

Same-sex sexual activity is still criminalised by almost 30% of Asia Pacific nations with penalties including whipping and imprisonment from 8-10 years to life.

This WorldPride looks to shine a light on the human rights injustices with events being held across the city.

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At Folk we believe in bringing the power of diversity to the workspace and improving our projects with all angles of thought.

We’ll be celebrating the event as a team by heading to the Design with Pride AGDA event. We can’t wait to experience the event for ourselves!

Want to know more? 

Visit the Sydney WorldPride website here.

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Image credits
Opera House = Image credit: Jaimi
Programme = Image credit: Daniel Boud
Sand sculpture = Image credit: Aquabumps

Written by:
Andy Hearne,
Senior UI Designer