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The pull of pushing boundaries
UX Australia returns. (As do we as a proud sponsor)

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Now in its fifteenth year… UX Australia fosters a sense of connection throughout the UX community – within Australia and across the globe. The conference inspires us with stories and insights from industry leaders. It challenges us to strive to do the next job better than the last. It equips us with new skills and ideas – seasoned professionals and budding designers alike.

We first sponsored UX Australia back in 2016, and have remained a keen sponsor every year since. We’re stoked to be supporting this innovative and dynamic conference once again in 2023.

The theme for UX Australia 2023 encourages us to ‘focus on how design is being pushed in new and interesting ways’. It covers talks from presenters like Alina Butolina digging into the benefits (and misconceptions) of Global Inclusive Design practices, and Nova Franklin, James Elks and Katie Eyles who share how government, co-design and sustainability came together to tackle global warming, and Andy Budd who will shine a light on Design’s mid-life crisis.

The conference kicked off this week in Sydney, and is jam-packed with great talks for the rest of the week. Not to worry if you’re not in Sydney – the event has gone hybrid. If you’re keen, you can find out more (and snag a ticket) by visiting the UX Australia website.

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See UX there. (Apologies.)