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Our “Close Knit…” Community poster: Sold!

01 HEADER Closeknit

A quick follow-up on our San Francisco Design Week 2019 post:

So, our poster and the other 100+ submissions from 14 countries all went to a silent auction at San Francisco Design Week 2019.

Well… the immodest truth is… our Close Knit poster received the most bids.

Yes. We were shocked too.

We were delighted to get our first one or two bids. (Full disclosure: we were considering buying it back at this point!)

Then things hotted up a bit.

It seems two bidders – who may have seen the framed poster hanging in-the-flesh at the SFDW exhibition – were going toe-to-toe.

Bid. Bid. Bid. Bidding war.

Paddle 190: commiserations. And thank you.

Paddle 108: congratulations! (We were gunning for you all along.)

We received 21 bids in all (the next highest were eleven and eight) and sold for the second highest price of US$770.

The smug has only just cleared.

For the record, the top seller was a David-Carson-designed surfboard at US$2500 (which received two bids. Two!? Pah!). Ahem. Congratulations, David.

It would be remiss not to acknowledge the most important factor in our “success”. Our knitter. Tash Celm. She’s a marvel. Thanks Tash.

And thanks to SFDW and Rob Duncan at Mucho for the invite. We had a ball…

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