Who’s in!?
Folk get their socks off at Balmain Bowling Club

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It was Macs away, jacks away! round here last week as we rolled our trouser-legs up and let our hair down with a spot of lawn bowls and cold beer.

Summery fun was had by all, except maybe the grounds staff. We’re not sure who was the winner (but it definitely wasn’t lawn bowls).

Honorary mentions go to:

  • Gemma and Hoyan for nestling up against the jack (lucky jack) on more than one occasion
  • Emma and Cas for getting the hang of the bias in the bowls, eventually, occasionally, sort of
  • JP’s caretaker onesie (owning it)
  • Andy for showing more interest in the bowls of chips, missing most of the actual bowls
  • And the blokes in the lane next to ours for their fabulous matching shirts and commitment to staying very well hydrated.

Thanks to Balmain Bowling Club for having us (despite our not winning a sausage in the meat raffle).

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