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Straight A’s for Australia’s EdTech industry. Awareness, Advocacy, Action.

EduGrowth is Australia’s EdTech industry hub: the ‘glue’ between education providers, industry participants and EdTech entrepreneurs in Australia.


EduGrowth had established itself as a credible voice in the industry and connector of entrepreneurs to education providers, but the organisation’s ambition is to grow beyond this and become a hub with an active innovation eco-system and bold vision for education. To encourage greater participation from all parts of the industry they needed a brand that would help them cut through clutter and carry the vision for education.


Brand identity

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A bold new identity

Folk created a new brand identity for EduGrowth to help bring the innovation eco-system to life and attract participation in Australia and with a network of international partners.

The identity champions the idea of amplifying the organisations, ideas, research and connections in the ecosystem, creating a ripple effect to fuel innovation and change.

It always puts people at the centre and shows technology as an enabler.

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The refreshed brand puts EduGrowth in a position to lift their bold vision and help to connect with all industry participants.

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