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NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

NSW Government Digital Design Guidelines

Making it easier to create accessible, mobile-friendly government websites for the NSW public

The challenge
The Department of Premier & Cabinet wanted to ensure consistency and trust across NSW Government websites with the aim of providing simple and seamless experiences for all citizens.

What we did
Folk worked closely with the Department of Premier & Cabinet to define and validate a foundational digital design guideline that NSW brands can easily apply and adhere to their services.

To achieve this, we knew how important it was to work closely with the teams who design and build NSW digital services. By partnering with key NSW government agencies through collaborative research, workshops and analysis, we were able to identify and frame;

_ Citizen needs and pain points with the as-is digital experience
_ Triggers and barriers to the introduction of digital design guidelines
_ Requirements for brand variance and system boundaries
_ Foundational digital design principles for NSW

The all-new foundational NSW Government Digital Design Guidelines make it easy for design teams to build on brand, accessible digital design for all citizens and their experiences.


The solution has been designed and tested with NSW citizens, covering a range of accessibility needs.


Experience and product design

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Close collaboration

Through collaborative research, workshops and analysis, we worked closely with 15 government departments and agencies, including:

• Department of Premier and Cabinet
• Department of Industry
• Department of Finance
• Department of Education
• Department of Justice
• NSW Health
• Transport for NSW

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Design and developer tools to make citizen centred products and services

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Visual identity system and core UI components
The colour, typography, and UI components have been carefully considered and tested to meet the needs of digital creators when developing citizen-centred products and services.

Brand application and site navigation
The digital design guidelines include the masthead and footer for every NSW Government webpage.

Responsive layouts
Layouts for pages that designers can add or remove components to suit their product’s needs, optimised to scale elegantly from mobile to large screens.

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