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Sharvain Projects

Design – Deliver

Sharvain is an established and successful high-end commercial façades business.

Folk worked with Sharvain to reposition the business to win new projects in new markets, creating a new brand strategy, identity, website and business development collateral.

From Sharvain’s inception in 1998, business came through building strong relationships. Winning and successfully delivering high profile and innovative projects – such as Frank Gehry’s Dr Chau Chak Wing building at UTS – sustained the business and steady growth.

Sharvain wanted to accelerate their growth and reach.

To inspire and reassure.


Brand strategy
visual identity

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To be recognised as an equal-main-player in the façade market by default. To achieve national and international industry recognition amongst their key audiences: Tier 1 Builders, Developers, Façade consultants and Quantity Surveyors.

We learnt that Sharvain understand and excel at the intersection of two essential and interrelated disciplines: Architecture (design) and Construction (delivery). High-end ingenuity meets constructive resolution.

Constructive Excellence is the strategic idea behind the creative expression.

The logo and greater identity reflect this duality of Sharvain’s work. Intelligent and reliable.

Surprising and reassuring.

Design. Deliver.

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The identity and website features beautifully impressive photography of Sharvain’s beautifully impressive projects, complemented by the new identity. We worked with production and photography agency FLIPP, and the award winning architectural photographer Murray Fredericks.

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Thank you to Sharvain, FLIPP and Murray – it was indeed a constructive and excellent experience throughout.