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National Library of Australia – Trove

Collective Wonder

Trove is a vast digital ‘treasure trove’ of Australian history and story, to be explored and enjoyed, from part-time hobbyists to PhD scholars and students alike. 

A collaboration between almost 1,000 Australian cultural institutions and the National Library of Australia, Trove is part aggregator, collections host, platform for research and contributing community. 

Trove provides free access to a remarkable variety of digitised cultural artefacts, and metadata to find them physically, from institutions such as libraries, museums, universities to local historical societies. 

Rich with information and complex in its systems, Trove had grown well beyond its original purpose. It had remained unchanged – in brand, proposition, visual or user experience – since its inception, over a decade ago. 

Trove needed a new shared vision, brand strategy and architecture, to inform a refreshed brand expression – visual and verbal – complimenting a modernised user experience. 

‘Collective wonder’ is the brand idea behind the expression. Acknowledging and celebrating the wealth of contributors and the reward and delight Trove brings.


Brand strategy and design

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The interaction design elements bring the product experience to life, creating moments of delight and surprise for all users.

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Trove Case Study 22

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