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AIATSIS website redesign receives prestigious Gold Good Design Award

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We're thrilled to receive a Gold Accolade in the Digital Design category at this year's Australian Good Design Awards for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) website redevelopment project.

The Australian Good Design Awards celebrate the innovative and meaningful design of products and services throughout the Australian market. Since 1958, the Australian Good Design Awards have recognised excellence in architectural design, engineering, fashion, digital and communication design, design strategy, social impact design, and young designers.  

About the AIATSIS Website Redesign

AIATSIS is Australia's only national institution focused exclusively on the diverse history, cultures, and heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia 

In a truly collaborative design approach, AIATSIS engaged 33 Creative – a First Nations media, communications and events company – and Folk to consult with AIATSIS stakeholders including First Nation Australians to inform the design and development of its new website. The Indigenous-led working partnership saw stunning artwork by Lucy Simpson featured in AIATSIS’ new brand, with expertise from Folk to bring the brand to life through a refreshed website experience. 

Folk developed AIATSIS' digital design and website to transform a traditional government website into an engaging, accessible, and vibrant information hub that celebrates the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their cultures, heritage and contributions to our national story.  

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The Good Design Awards jury reflected that winning an award this year was “a significant achievement considering the high number of submissions and incredible calibre of projects represented in this year’s Awards.” 

Praising our design submission, the jury stated that it was “Great to see this co-creation with AIATSIS and 33 Creative for a culturally respectful and appropriate design solution. Love the attention paid to information architecture, navigation, wayfinding and orientation, and incorporating the colour palette into these elements. Whether the task at hand is research, transactional... anything at all, it invites discovery and deeper exploration.” 

This award recognises collective effort of AIATSIS, 33 Creative and Folk to integrate human-centered design principles and insights into every aspect of their web experience. By improving their website experience, AIATSIS provides a humanistic, cultural, and educational destination for people to access the vital information and stories that help shape the national narrative.  

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