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AJ Park

Reframing expertise into responsiveness

Already the largest intellectual property (IP) firm in New Zealand, AJ Park’s brand had always centred around expertise, but so had their competitors. To create distinctive value for clients they needed to direct more energy into building great relationships, not just doing great work. We called it intelligent action.

The challenge

AJ Park’s leaders saw that their growth was going to come increasingly from international markets and business development would be very different with the world’s borders closed. The business and brand needed to think differently about how they would go to market and win without face to face meetings - needing a brand that prioritised digital environments.

What gave AJ Park their edge was the progressive culture inside the firm. They had get-up-and-go energy, not holding onto the past, always moving forwards. In IP firms this is not the norm. For international clients that can be more transactional than their local counterparts, being proactive and a step ahead was just as important as the expertise itself. So we helped AJ Park reframe themselves around responsiveness. The firm where action is the conduit for expertise.


Brand Strategy
Brand identity

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The brand needed energy and came to life through the concept of a springboard. Once launched and released  the IP can flourish, expand and come to life. This brand wasn’t grounded in legacy, it was full of movement and momentum. It had fluidity and colour.

Ultimately this gave the firm a new set of tools to build on their success and carry the firm forward with spring in their step.

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