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Independent Community Living Australia (ICLA)


ICLA provides services and supported accommodation options for men and women with psychiatric and/or other disabilities.

With a new CEO on board, a 100 day plan and a relaunch scheduled, ICLA wanted to announce itself as a vital community organisation with strong beliefs, bold plans, and a big voice.

With its origins in grass-roots advocacy, ICLA supports individuals to achieve their personal goals, increase confidence, independence and opportunity for social and community connection.


Brand strategy and design

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Such personal goals include ‘doing their own shopping, banking or cooking, visiting friends or having a girlfriend’. Everyday tasks that – through trauma, circumstance, illness – are immensely challenging.

And life-changing if conquered.

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The idea of “voice” – both ICLA’s and individual clients’ – was the significant thread throughout the research. Together, ICLA staff and clients contribute to daily life decisions. Appropriately, both parties were involved in the brand strategy workshops.

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The logo and illustrations talk to how the ‘everyday’ can become something far more challenging, rewarding, transforming.

Everyday life changing.

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